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RGBDigit back-bone Multi function

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RGBDigit back-bone Multi function

Adafruit NeoPixel ARDUINO library driven. 

  • Connect up to 6 RGBDigit's
  • Arduino Micro connection
  • DS3231 clock support
  • IR Remote 
  • LDR licht sersor support
  • DS18B20 temp sensor support

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Meer informatie

Multi function Arduino Micro driven backbone PCB. 
supports up to 6X RGBDigit's

Adafruit NeoPixel ARDUINO library driven. 

Main function:

  •  4x or 6x RGBDigit multi color digits 
  •  Buld for Arduino Micro
  •  Adafruit NeoPixel ARDUINO library driven 
  •  16581375 colors each segment
  •  clarity up to 255 steps
  •  1 DS3231 highly accurate I2C clock with 1F backup cap
  •  1 IR sensor and remote control 
  •  DS18B20 temp sensor support
  •  LDR licht sersor support (daylight toggle)
  •  each value can have its own color 
  •  sample code available


See video for life 6 digit clock Demo


The picture color’s are real life with a clarity of 30 out of 255.

Free sample/debug/test download’s
Download the RGBDigit Datasheet for more technical info 
compatible to Adafruit NeoPixel Arduino library 

For safe use see detailed safety/connection data the RGBDigit’s are not hot swappable.


Possible applications

- Panel / measuring systems with upper and lower range. 
- Temperature, weight, energy, scales, wind meter and speed functions. 
- Score board's 
- Built-in all white goods (ECO mode). 
- Design objects 
- Clock 4 or 6 digit programs
- Fitness equipment 
- Multimeters
- of course you can create your own application