RGBDigit is the first 7 segment display with programmable RGB LEDS, requiring only 3 wires to control.
New Library avaliable to control the RGBdigits see download page Writen by Erik Homburg (Nice job thanks a lot)


Millions of colours

Arduino driven

Only 3 wires


RGBDigit impression

The idea is inspired on a 7 segment display clock near my bed that used only one colour. I wanted a clock that would gradually change colour based on the time. Facing the available standard products, I began to realize I had to make the suitable digits myself. The current products on the market, are the following:

Standard 7 segment display
The well-known classic 7-segment display –
One pre-set colour –
Limited variety of colours –
10 wires on the back –
Relatively cheap, around €0,80 per display –

Adafruit RGB 7 segment display
Although the display looks quite good and offers the – different colours, it has quite some disadvantages –
– High price, around €12 per display –
– 25 pins on the back –
These digits require a lot of solder work. If you want to have a simple 4 digit clock, you would have to solder 100 wires. Also, a more advanced micro controller is needed, since the Arduino UNO doesn’t have enough ports for even one of these digits!

How RGBDigit works

The new developed RBGDigit gives a solution with the struggles that are shown above. We offer the following features:

Arduino Neopixcel driven
Neopixels, allowing 16.581.375 possible colours and the use of the well-developed Neopixel library
see adafruit.com/neopixeluberguide/arduino-library
– By using standard neopixels the RGBDigit’s can also be controlled by micro controllers other than the Arduino UNO e.g. raspberry pi.
Minimum number of connecting pins, using only 3pens in from your micro controller and 3 pens out that are used to connect the digits with each other. 
Cascading up to 10 RGDigits, using only 3 input wires for all the digits.
Open source product.
Currently there is already a RGBDigit library available written by a RGBDigit user .
Supporting products available for using the
– At this moment there is a Arduino UNO shield and a Arduino Micro 4 or 6 digit backbone available.
Hardware and demo software available via the Site or Webshop.
– See RGBDigit.com/Download and RGBDigit.com/shop or the Source information section below

Target group
Although the first intention of the digit was to serve my own project, I propose the following target groups for RGBDigits:
Arduino community
Electronics hobbyists
Product Designers
Professional industries
Retro clock fanatics

RGBDigit application proposal
Easily showing a range using colours for
– Temperature
– Speed
– Pressure
– Height
– Humidity

Or as display for
– Fuel indicator
– (Mood) clock
– Countdown timer
– Scoreboard
– Chess clock
– Elevator floor indicator
– Simple news ticker
– Panel meter’s 




Temp versus color 


Youtube Video